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Bigg Boss season 12 3rd November 2018 Today Latest Written Episode

Bigg Boss season Salman welcomes everybody to indicate. Salman needs diwali and says Vikas, Shilpa went in house, heaps has modified in house however volume of home is same. Salman says Jasleen, Sree, Dipika, Shiv, Urvashi, Rohit, Megha, potential unit and Sristy. Salman says one are eliminated these days. Bigg Boss season 12 3rd November 2018

Salman connects decision to accommodate. Salman congratulates Sreesanth for turning into the captain and pulls Jasleen’s leg for losing miserably, he says Jasleen created a record for losing to 1/10. Jasleen says i attempted, those who known as Sree villian like Surbhi, Deepak and Romil. Salman says even when Sree going against them. Jasleen says even potential unit didnt wish Sree to be angry with him. Host Salman asks contestants on why they selected Sreesanth as their captain. Contestants, one by one, justify their reasons. Bigg Boss season 12 3rd November 2018, Bigg Boss season 12 3rd November 2018.

Romil says

Surbhi wished to support Sree thus I did it too, Jasleen created fun of Pine Tree State too thus I didnt love it. Salman asks Sree WHO he provides credit to? Sree says knife asked Pine Tree State to not quit. Salman additionally explained to Jasleen however she was utilized in the captainship task, Salman says Romil vie well, he’s mastermind, he asks Jasleen to not cry. Jasleen says i’m not crying. Salman says he song to you that he saved you. Jasleen says it hurt Pine Tree State. Salman says knife is additional of a sister than Jasleen. Salman says potential unit needs to seem nice, he gave up his likelihood to become captain. Salman says look if he appearance innocent? All laugh. potential unit says please take my facet for once, Salman says no. Salman says to Megha that if it absolutely was not Sree and Jasleen then who? Megha says potential unit and knife vie well. Salman says you didnt say now once it absolutely was time. Megha says nobody was taking note of Pine Tree State. Salman says Sree vie well. Salman says Jasleen was used as no one would stand infront of Jasleen. Bigg Boss season 12 3rd November 2018

Bigg Boss season 12 3rd November 2018 Today Latest Written Episode

Host Salman Khan then any discusses concerning the ‘ranking task.’ Salman says that Sree was good as first, everything is revolving around him, he says last one was smart too. He says that Megha ought to are stratified a step lower and Srishty ought to are higher on the list. Sristy thanks him.
Salman says its time for caller. The caller of the week asks for Megha. She alleges of making an attempt to interrupt each the teams, inmates aren’t lease you create place. Megha says i do know my gameplan currently, I didnt try and build my cluster. Caller says you talked to Dipika and knife to create a gaggle. Megha says i used to be taking my time. Caller says you retain telling you were winner. Romil, Surbhi et al taunt Megha. Call ends. Romil says she wished to create a gaggle however she is stuck, she is making an attempt to air 2 boats. Salman ends decision.
Salman says see what they’re discussing.

Bigg Boss season 12 3rd November 2018 Today Latest Written Episode

In house, Jasleen asks Romil what was your plan? Romil says Sree Sabbatum with United States of America thus we have a tendency to voted for him, it absolutely was our arrange.
Surbhi says to Deepak that Sree won due to weak opponent.
Jasleen says to Romil that I dont want your support, she leaves. Somi says to Romil that you simply keep Pine Tree State out of your plans.
Jasleen says to Romil that you simply ar useless mastermind.

On stage, Salman says Hina Khan went in house. Lets see what happened.

Hina Khan enters the house and says that she feels unhappy. She hugs everybody. Hina says that she’s going to induce the allegations of the viewers within the show. Hina calls the contestants to the stand and asks them to defend themselves.
Hina calls Dipika initial and says that there’s a affiliation of Sreesanth of everything she will within the house. Dipika says this can be wrong, inmates felt it, he was sick thus we have a tendency to enjoyed time with him and created a bond with him. Hina too agrees to her and says that he has shown all quite feeling within the show to this point. Hina any says that Dipika isn’t showing her true temperament, it looks like you’re simply enjoying Simar character. Dipika explains that she has been showing every kind of emotions and it’s her thanks to categorical and vent out, I cant show faux emotions all the time. Hina says Sree shows his emotions all the time. Somi says you’re frightened to indicate anger. Dipika says you dont speak. Romil says once Sree left, you acted and cried however once he cameback, you weren’t happy. Dipika says you’ll be able to say what you would like. Hina says you wish to urge yourself along. Bigg Boss season 12 Full EPisode,  Bigg Boss season 12 dailymotion.
Hina calls Sree in box. Hina informs to Sreesanth that viewers suppose that he flips early on. Sree additionally agrees and apologises to the viewers. Hina says you’re not defensive. Deepak says he ought to management his emotions. Surbhi says he will to urge attention. Sree says I settle for. Bigg Boss season 12 youtube episode.

Bigg Boss season 12 3rd November 2018

Hina calls Surbhi and says you became Sree’s friend when turning into his enemy. Surbhi says I unlikable him however after I saw folks casual him within the name of relations, I feel potential unit and Sristy did it too. potential unit says I dont agree. Hina says you’re thinking that its helpful to be near to him? Surbhi says I aforesaid heaps of stuff, i’m human and need to kind things too, you weren’t near to Shilpa however you need to have went and talked to her in house. Hina says talking and supporting him is totally different. Surbhi says he did wrong and that i aforesaid heaps of stuff, I felt guilt and gave him one likelihood.
Hina calls Jasleen in box. Hina Khan calls Jasleen next to the stand and asks if she has faked her relationship with Anup Jalota to enter the show. Jasleen says that she ne’er mentioned concerning their relationship together with her friends and family. She is upset with such accusations and says that no lady would do to enter any show by doing all this. Jasleen says that I dont grasp why he’s giving these statements, we danced, we have a tendency to dated and that i kissed him, no teacher-student will it. She loves Anup and can undoubtedly raise him the rationale behind denying their relationship.
Hina says to Somi that its smart that you simply ar giving powerful time to Deepak. All hoot. Hina leaves.

In house, Jasleen says to Megha that I wished to just accept my relation however he’s denying it, Megha says why he’s doing it? Jasleen says he was fine with telling folks however folks should have questioned heaps and he modified his mind, i used to be prepared then however will he do it? its a giant issue on behalf of me.Bigg Boss season 12 latest episode.
Sree asks Dipika to remain removed from him, it’ll increase love. Dipika says OH please.
Jasleen says to Anup that i’m not angry, i’ll talk over with you, i’m with you and that i love you, please suppose it before giving any statement.Bigg Boss season 12 hd episode watch on

On stage, Salman Khan welcomes singer Aaditya Narayan to the show. He imitates Anu leader, Kumar Sanu and his father Udit Narayan’s voice once host Salman asked him to sing songs in numerous voices. He then sings songs for the contestants and asked them to guess the temperament.Bigg Boss season 12 full episode,
Salman asks if friends ar in house? Aaditya says Sree is my friend and he doesnt have a filter. Salman connect decision to accommodate. Aaditya greets everybody. Salman says he can dedicate songs. He sings ‘Pyaar Hume Kis Mod alphabetic character lupus aaya’ and also the inmates guess it absolutely was for Deepak. Salman says to Somi to remain with Urvashi if she needs to avoid Deepak, all laugh. He sings ‘Phulo blow taaro ka’ and also the inmates guess it’s for Sreesanth. Salman pulls Sreesanth’s legs and asks him to call his sisters within the Bigg Boss. Sree says six sisters, Salman says knife is your sister too, all laugh. Salman Khan raises anticipation as he reveals the names of contestants safe and in peril. Salman finally reveals that Dipika, Sreesanth, Karanvir Bohra, Srishty Rode ar safe from eviction on. Megha, Jasleen, Urvashi , knife and Rohit ar within the zone. Salman finish decision.Bigg Boss season 12 today online episode.

Ace comedian Bharti Singh stages a dramatic entry. Dressed as a spouse, Bharti celebrates Karva Chauth with Salman Khan (assuming him as her husband). Salman laughs his heart out. whereas Aaditya sings ‘Dekho chand aaya’ for Bharti and Salman, Bharti performs Karva Chauth for Salman. Bharti kisses Salman on his cheek. Salman takes selfie with them.

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